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What We Do

In order to stay competitive in today’s business environment, many organizations find themselves scaling back on in-house project support staff.  Our approach is to partner with our client and help fill these roles.  We can provide oversight as the owner’s representative or facilitate the process as the owner’s agent.  In either case, we are prepared to add value in the following areas:

Frontend Loading (Business Opportunity Definition and Initial Planning)

Aligning the opportunity with the business strategy

Help define the right project.

Evaluate the project alternatives

Conduct initial engineering and business evaluations to determine the best solution.

Define the project scope

Develop a comprehensive description of the project deliverables, necessary resources and goals that will lead to success.

Authorization preparation and process

Compile the information needed for project approval.

Project Implementation (Project Organization and Delivery)

Project Team

Organize a balanced, effective and focused team

Business Integration

Ensure that the Owner’s organization is kept informed and engaged

Project Procedures & Plans

Help the Project Team define the methods and metrics for managing the project.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Selecting the right suppliers and ensuring they are aligned with the scope and focused on the project goals.

Commissioning & Start-up

Complete a safe, integrated and documented start-up.

Commercialization & Follow-up (Operations and Business Opportunity Validation)

Project turn-over

Ensure the owner’s team is trained and ready for turn-over.

Production ramp-up

Ensure that continuous improvement is built into the site culture.

Lessons learned

Facilitate an evaluation of project “well dones” and improvement opportunities.

Return on investment

Help evaluate the overall return on the investment.

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