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About Us

We have successfully developed and implemented capital projects for over 25 years.  Much of that experience was spent working in the owner's organization, managing their projects and capital programs.  This experience allowed us to see project delivery from both the business and project perspectives.  We understand what works.

Over the past several years we have developed and improved a full complement of project management tools and skills; however, PM tools and skills are not enough to deliver a successful business opportunity.  We recognize that project “life cycle” success can only come when the project and the business organization work together and are focused on the same goals.  Success requires a combination of professional project management skills, effective alignment with the business strategy and integration with the business organization.

We are uniquely qualified to guide our clients to this level of success.  Our experience includes:

Strategic Planning

Working with business leadership to align the project plan with the business strategy

Feasibility Studies

Identifying and evaluating project options

New Product and Process Development

Working with Marketing, R&D and Operations leaders to deliver safe, effective manufacturing processes, products and new technologies.

Program Management

Ensuring that business wide resources are in place, equipped with the right tools and aligned with the business strategy.

Project Management

Using excellent project management resources to develop and deliver capital projects regardless of size and scope.

Construction Management

Ensuring that each construction site is safe, effective and efficient.

Change Management

Helping our clients manage transformation and change in order to achieve the planned outcome(s).

Operations Preparation and Training

Working with Business leaders to ensure that project owners have the training and processes necessary to achieve an efficient ramp-up.

Supply Chain Management

Building supply chain efficiencies into the project scope and owner training process.

The Founder’s Bio

Jeff TurnerJeff Turner is an innovative problem solver with broad experience in project management success.  He founded Reliant Project Management Services, LLC on the recognition that capital project success requires more than excellent design and implementation.  It also requires a well developed cultural compatibility and strategic alignment between the Project Team and the owner’s organization.

For over 25 years Turner has helped both large and small companies develop, deliver and maintain capital effectiveness.  Certified as a construction project manager and often filling the role as the owner’s agent, has given him a unique opportunity to identify and reconcile both project and business needs.

Reliant PM Service, LLC partners with companies dedicated to sustainable manufacturing practices and that have a real interest in developing integrated and effective capital project programs.

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